Invited Talks

Talk Title
Silvano De Franceschi
Taming the spin-orbit nature of hole qubits in silicon MOS devices
Eugene Demler
Quantum simulators: from the Fermi Hubbard model to quantum assisted NMR inference
Klaus Ensslin
Quantum Devices in Graphene
Attila Geresdi
Josephson supercurrent mediated by a semiconductor double quantum dot
Georgios Katsaros
Majorana-like Coulomb spectroscopy in the absence of zero bias peaks
Alexander Khaetskii
Surface states in HgTe and α-Sn semimetals in various topological regimes
Jelena Klinovaja
Majorana bound states in topological insulators without a vortex
Leo Kouwenhoven
Triplet-pairing and minimal Kitaev chain
Héctor Ochoa
Stacking textures and their collective modes in van der Waals materials
Yuval Oreg
Three Phase Majoranas
Stuart Parkin
Chiral kagome antiferromagnets and the Josephson Diode Effect
Gloria Platero
AC-Driven Quantum Dot arrays for Quantum State Transfer and Quantum Simulation
Marco Polini
Cavities, 2D materials, and Amperean superconductivity
Elsa Prada
Theory of Caroli-de Gennes-Matricon analogs in full-shell nanowires
Herbert Schoeller
Supersymmetry protected topological states and realization of periodic Witten models in two- dimensional second-order topological insulators
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak
Noninvasive probe of spin transport and order using quantum spin sensors
Felix von Oppen
Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in real metals
Amir Yacoby
Fractional Chern insulators in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
Dominik Zumbühl
Building Small, Fast and Hot Si/Ge Hole Spin Qubits