Poster Session Titles

Title Title of work
Pablo San-Jose
Majorana-like Coulomb spectroscopy in the absence of zero bias peaks
Vera Jo Weibel
Towards Hybrid Superconductor/Semiconductor Devices in Planar Germanium Heterostructures
Patrik Recher
Transport through valley chiral networks in minimally twisted bilayer graphene
Jordi Picó Cortés
Non-equilibrium transport in Josephson junctions through interacting nanostructures
Alberto Hijano Mendizabal

Anomalous Andreev interferometer: Study of an anomalous Josephson junction coupled to a normal wire

Alberto Hijano Mendizabal

Quasiparticle density of states and triplet correlations in superconductor/ferromagnetic-insulator structures across a sharp domain wall

Stefan Ilic

Theory of the Supercurrent Diode Effect in Rashba Superconductors with Arbitrary Disorder

Stefan Ilic

Current rectification in junctions with spin-split superconductors

Katharina Laubscher

RKKY interaction at helical edges of topological superconductors

Yao Lu

Andreev spin qubit in a junction with spin-split superconductors

Marco Valentini

Hard gap superconductivity in planar germanium

Valerii Kozin
Reshaping the Jaynes-Cummings ladder with Majorana bound states
Henry Legg

Majorana bound states and giant magnetochiral anisotropy in topological insulator nanowires

Manh-Ha Doan

Interlayer tunneling and electron-hole pairing in van der Waals layered semiconductors at room temperature

Ganesh C. Paul

Evolution of a particle in twisted bilayer optical potentials

Ignacio Casal

Implementation of high frequency techniques for hybrid superconductor-semiconductor devices

María Blanco-Rey
Constrained RPA Study of Screened Electron Interactions in One-Dimensional Oxides
Rubén Seoane Souto

Super-semi-ferro: A new platform for unconventional superconductivity

Zhe Hou

Interplay between quantum Hall effect and quantum anomalous effect

Karolina Slowik

Quantum emitters near graphene nanoantennas: interplay of optical coupling and electron tunneling

Marta Pelc

Trilayer Rhombohedral Stacked Graphene being more Stable than its Bernal Counterpart

Hannes Weisbriich

Higher-dimensional topological states of matter in superconducting systems