Contributed Talks

Talk Title
Shaffique Adam
Some theoretical results for twisted bilayer graphene near magic angle
Aitor Calvo-Fern√°ndez
The numerical renormalization group with discrete rotation symmetries: a tool to study crystal field effects in magnetic impurity systems
Stefan Ilic
Theory of the Supercurrent Diode Effect in Rashba Superconductors with Arbitrary Disorder
Henry Legg
Gigantic magnetochiral anisotropy in topological insulator nanowires: Current rectification and superconducting diode effect
Guy Le Lay
1D and 2D Quantum Topological Group IV Artificial Materials Created by Design
Dmitry Miserev
The non-Fermi-liquid state of strongly interacting two- and three-dimensional electron gas
Marta Pelc
Trilayer Rhombohedral Stacked Graphene being more Stable than its Bernal Counterpart
Mikhail Pletyukhov
3D Quantum Hall effect in a higher order topological insulator
Patrik Recher
Transport through valley chiral networks in minimally twisted bilayer graphene
Constantin Schrade
The Josephson diode effect in supercurrent interferometers
Clara Weber
Boundary Charge Fluctuations and Fractional Boundary Charges